Tool uses AI to find interesting keywords and phrases in news stories.

Estibot has released a new tool that looks for trending words in news stories.

The News Crawler and Domain Generator automatically crawls major news sites for breaking stories in tech, AI, health, politics, and other headlines. It then generates lists of available domains using AI GPT tools based on the content of the article.

For example, a recent TechCrunch story about a Sony sound system suggests domains such as,, and A Fox story about high temperatures suggests and

Domain investors often register domains based on trending terms. While this can be successful, I’ve witnessed many domain investors throw away money on this type of domain. You should carefully consider both the short and long-term potential of any domain you register.

And another warning that Estibot highlights: its systems are automated and are likely to pull out trademarked terms. Don’t register trending keywords of trademarks.

Post link: New Estibot tool finds trending keywords in news articles

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