Workers are being bombarded with data from a variety of sources. If the point is to make people more productive, as the volume increases, the more difficult it is to find the information you need to do your job. AI thrives in large data environments and can help cut through the noise, move across applications, and find the nuggets that matter most.

That’s the idea behind Jigso, an early stage startup, that’s building an AI assistant to act as an observability layer, not unlike security or performance monitoring, but instead of looking at logs, it’s looking at the apps employees are using to find the information they need. Today the startup announced a $7.5 million seed investment.

“What we’re trying to do with Jigso is to create what we call a business observability layer. Observability is a concept on the tech side and on the R&D side and is very popular. We have companies like DataDog, Sentry and [others], and they essentially let you observe all your important stuff and make sure you’re not missing anything. So we took the same concept and tried to apply it to business apps and a business environment,” company co-founder and CEO Or Shani told TechCrunch.

Shani says the company has built some tools to help including a Slack bot called Sidekick, which people can interact with and ask questions. They can subscribe to different feeds with keywords and refine that based on the volume and content of the data. He says this eliminates the need to monitor dashboards or leave Slack to go to the various applications to get the information. Instead of going to Salesforce or Tableau and asking for sales data, you can simply make the query in Sidekick and it finds the right information for you. You can also work directly in the Jigso app if you prefer.

The product currently works with tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Excel, ClickUp, Google Sheets, Gmail and Calendar and they are adding additional applications all the time, according to the company.

Shani and co-founder Tomer Naveh previously founded an adtech company and that is where they saw employees struggle to get the data they needed, even with the best intentions. It was just too hard to pull it all together manually, and they started Jigso at the end of 2021 to help solve that problem. They have been working with companies to refine the idea and have around 50 companies working with the product currently. The company currently has 10 employees and has a few open roles, but is mostly trying to stay lean as it comes out of the gate.

Shani says he was was able to build a diverse company at his previous startup, and is working to do the same as they add employees. He admits it’s not very diverse right now, but he recognizes that it’s important and he’s working to make the company more diverse moving forward.

Today’s $7.5 million investment was led by General Catalyst, Entrée Capital and Jibe Ventures.

Jigso is building an AI assistant to surface the data employees need automatically by Ron Miller originally published on TechCrunch