Recent advancements in AI could change the landscape of domain search.

For years, name-spinning companies and domain registrars have likely been using various types of artificial intelligence to deliver domain search results. That use could skyrocket now that registrars have access to an affordable way to tap into AI to deliver expanded search results.

Domain registrar Porkbun recently integrated ChatGPT into its search. Here’s an example of how that works.

The results aren’t creative when I type in “baseball” in Porkbun’s main search field. They are just the keyword followed by various extensions.

Click the “AI” link on Porkbun and search “baseball,” and I get more creative suggestions:,,

AI being what it is, some of the suggestions miss. doesn’t make much sense.

Adding more keywords makes AI shine even more. When I search for “baseball hall of fame,” I get results such as,, and

AI could be used to generate good brandable domains. Searching for “artificial intelligence” returns names such as,, and

Recently, integrated AI for what it calls DomainsGPT. It lets you pick the type of name you’re looking for (brandable, alternative spellings, etc) and delivers available domains matching your queries.

When I search DomainsGPT for brandable names for “a one-stop shop comparative site for cars”, it returns results including,, and

DomainsGPT prompts users to enter more than a keyword; It can handle a description of what you’re looking for. This could become a trend in domain search — asking for more than just a keyword to deliver suggestions.

While you can argue that the results from Porkbun and DomainsGPT could be generated by existing domain-spinning technology, the most exciting thing here is how fast these companies were able to integrate these tools using APIs. OpenAI has put high-quality AI tools into the hands of the everyday developer. That’s powerful, and we can expect it to change domain search as we know it.

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