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Mary Ann and Alex are back for another busy news week chock full of deals to chew through.

Here’s the rundown:

Deals of the Week: We think that the idea behind the recently-funded Honey Homes is excellent, but we’re split about the cost. We also went over Gusto’s latest financial achievements and its plans to team up with Remote.
Fintech M&A: The biggest deal of the week in fintech was Visa’s purchase of  Pismo. We haven’t had unicorn-level acquisitions lately, so this one was welcome. Elsewhere in the space, Brex has brought on board a former SVB and a16z denizen, and Ramp bought Cohere.io (not this Cohere, the other one).
Other M&A: But those weren’t the only deals. Databricks bought MosaicMLIBM bought Apptio, and ThoughtSpot has acquired Mode Analytics.
Help, my unicorn is starving: We closed with Alex’s look at the declining funding to unicorn and web3 startups, as well as Rebecca Szkutak’s latest on the secondary market in the process.

Equity will be back on Wednesday as we head off into yet another holiday weekend here in the U.S. when Alex will finally put his PTO to use. In the meantime, let’s catch up on Twitter @EquityPod. Talk soon!

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Well done, Pismo and Visa! You gave SoftBank a win by Theresa Loconsolo originally published on TechCrunch