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Long-time Equity listeners and TechCrunch readers should be familiar with LAVCA, and association of capital managers in the Latin America region. We have reported on its data a number of times. Well, it turns out that LAVCA is part of the larger Global Private Capital Association, which keeps tabs on a host of markets that we’re working to cover more carefully as startup activity becomes an increasingly global phenomenon.

So to cap off the second quarter, and to get our claws into what is going on around the world, we had Cate Ambrose, the CEO of the GPCA on the show to riff with us about Asia and Africa and Latin America and Central and Easter Europe. Here’s what we wanted to find out:

How wild was the 2021-era venture peak in less mature startup markets?
How resilient are smaller startup ecosystems in a more conservative venture and macroeconomic environment?
Are we seeing green shoots anywhere in the world? Or put another way, where is the rebound kicking off?
We closed with a short discussion on the role of government in startup markets and squeezed in an AI question because how could we not!

We have another interview coming your way Friday, so stay tuned!

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Steering through venture’s global correction with the GPCA’s CEO by Theresa Loconsolo originally published on TechCrunch