NameJet and SnapNames combine for 73 sales of $2,000 or higher last month.

Newfold Digital has revealed 73 sales of $2,000 or more from its platforms NameJet and SnapNames during October. The sales total $442,000.

Here are some of the sales that stand out to me:

802 .com $53,499 – My, how the value of three-digit domains has fallen!

Weapons .com $45,750 – Investor Rick Schwartz bought this domain name with some of his money.

Vemo .com $25,305 – I’m sure the value has absolutely nothing to do with being one letter off from Venmo. When I visited the domain today, it went through a zero-click lander to a scam site.

SteppingStones .com $7,900 – A fantastic domain for education, therapy, or child development.

BackToBack .com $3,548 – I bid on this domain but struggled to find end user uses. I suppose it could be a clever name for a sports site.

Vindication .com $3,004 – It has a negative connotation, but I still think it’s a good deal at this price.

Here’s the full list of sales $2,000 and higher:

Domain NameSales Amount

802 .com$53,499

weapons .com$45,750

vemo .com$25,305

lado .com$19,799

highereducation .org$16,000

hfrp .org$10,600

paradigm .org$10,588

bridgewaterbank .com$9,599

gaff .com$8,527

vodpod .com$8,305

tecna .com$8,249

steppingstones .com$7,900

flashdrive .com$7,888

dramacool .com$7,288

craterofdiamondsstatepark .com$6,506

homefunding .com$6,500

ftmlondon .org$6,350

guyana .org$6,270

goodmind .com$6,255

nudie .com$6,255

gallbladder .com$5,501

soho .net$5,340

grameen .com$5,300

myncquickpass .com$4,815

thomaslaw .com$4,799

onionplay .com$4,135

takeya .com$4,122

regius .com$4,101

finclusion .org$4,100

supportteam .com$4,075

cochon555 .com$4,000

jivaro .com$3,900

bitel .com$3,655

backtoback .com$3,548

sitges .com$3,500

sanavita .com$3,433

babette .com$3,400

kevan .com$3,302

mathilda .com$3,300

vivotech .com$3,206

azazel .com$3,200

pheasantrun .com$3,200

cholesterol .org$3,155

28666 .com$3,100

vindication .com$3,004

bankside .com$3,000

propertyinspector .com$2,851

notitia .com$2,820

drjessicashepherd .com$2,800

habiba .com$2,700

glasswarehouse .com$2,649

myfly .com$2,602

petitjeanstatepark .com$2,600

lightgreen .com$2,530

imor .com$2,502

mediaservice .net$2,500

yoye .com$2,472

etsgroup .com$2,450

silverwind .com$2,438

lkwdpl .org$2,350

biblescripture .net$2,250

argex .com$2,210

ppv .org$2,202

infomaster .com$2,200

supplydepot .com$2,200

coloradoguy .com$2,175

poyraz .com$2,145

healthtours .com$2,130

parkwaydental .com$2,100

mixmarketing .com$2,057

ghrc .com$2,050

fireglow .com$2,049

badsaintdc .com$2,010

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