A printing company, a cryptocurrency project, and a site that suggests AI tools bought domain names.

Sedo released two weeks of domain sales data yesterday. In this first post, I research some of the sales to end users from the first week of sales.  You can view previous lists like this here.

FanWave .com $14,500 – A coming soon page states, “Bringing technology and innovation to an intimate space.” Maybe something related to OnlyFans?

Mixam.fr $5,999 – Mixam, a printing company, bought this domain and forwards it to mixam.co.uk.

Land.id $4,500 – The owner of id.land, which is currently under development, bought this domain.

Suggest.ai € 3,800 – This site suggests AI software and tools.

EpicCash .com $3,635 – Epic Cash is a cryptocurrency company.

Rido.io €3,200 – Rido Protocol is a web3 data system.

MrBoomBoom.com $2,999 – Mister Boom Boom (Frank Coates) is a music educator, entertainer, multi-instrumentalist, YouTuber, and owner of Music Play Patrol.

BusinessInsider.eu €2,499 – Business Insider continues to buy country code domain name.

MidsizeFashion.com $2,488 – The buyer is creating an online fashion store.

Honny.com $2,200 – Honny is a Chinese company in the generator space.

Post link: More end user domain sales at Sedo

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