Estate of Nissan Uzi alleges the domain was transferred to another account at his registrar.

Uzi Nissan is famous for one of the earliest battles in domain names: fighting the car company Nissan over his registration of

Now, his estate alleges that someone stole and after his death.

In a lawsuit (pdf) filed this week, the estate says the domain names were stolen from the account and moved to another account at his registrar. The Whois records still show his name and the suit does not say when the theft occurred.

It filed an in rem case against the domain names in U.S. District Court in Virginia. That’s the home of .com and .net registry Verisign.

In the stolen domains lawsuit, the company says that Uzi Nissan spent over $3 million fighting Nissan in an eight-year battle that began in 1999.

Nisisan passed away of Covid-19 in 2020.

Post link: Estate of Uzi Nissan says is stolen

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