A video game payments company, a translation site, and a group opposed to advances in AI bought domain names.

Each week, I create a list of end user domain name sales completed at Sedo. Finding end user sales is tricky since most Whois records are blocked these days. I usually need the domains to be developed or forwarded to determine who bought the domains.

Not everyone puts their domain to use the moment they buy it. So I recently went through the Sedo sales list from the last week of April, about two months ago, to find any domains that have been developed since I first reviewed the list.

Here’s the original list of end user sales from April, and below are domains that have been developed since then. You can see previous end user sales lists here.

NeonPay.com $24,321 – Neon works with game developers to allow their players to purchase in-game items using out-of-game storefronts.

Odd.io $7,500 – Odd is developing a system called Omnis. Its site does a good job explaining it: “Picture a cluttered room where you can’t find anything you need. Now imagine if you had a magical helper who could instantly arrange everything perfectly and even predict where you’d want everything to be. That’s what Odd.io’s Omnis platform does, but for digital data. It takes a messy pile of data—from photos to documents to emails—and sorts it all out. It doesn’t just organize; it understands what’s in the data, how it’s all connected, and how it changes over time and space.”

NecoTech.com $7,200 – NecoTech’s mission is to create sustainable infrastructure using eco-friendly building materials.

Symmera.com $5,030 – Symmera Inc provides IoT services.

Dic.cc €5,000 – This was a typo purchase for dict.cc, a translation and dictionary site.

Stop.ai €3,800 – Lots of AI companies are buying domains to promote their tools. This domain is used by a group called Stop AGI that wants to warn people about the risks of artificial intelligence. It chose a good domain name.

Firechat .io €3,500 – It’s a web3/cryptocurrency site.

GrannyFinder .com $3,500 – This is a mature dating site.

Cringe.de €2,990 – Internet advertising consultant Andreas Baulig bought this domain to promote his marketing services.

Eventio.eu €2,500 – TiXiT Solutions BVBA uses this domain name for its event registration services.

Struct.ai $2,000 – Struct is an AI-powered chat platform. It seems to be used for corporate knowledge capture and support.

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