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In the era of quick judgments, it’s tempting to think we are more clever than anyone else. But from AI to Apple to senior tech, underestimating others comes at a risk: being seriously wrong. — Anna

Don’t underestimate your granny

When the U.S. surgeon general’s advisory called out “our epidemic of loneliness and isolation,” heads immediately turned to social media and its risks for children and teens.

I can only agree with Dr. Vivek Murthy that social connection and community have healing effects, but I am on the fence on where technology stands. Sure, it can make us more isolated, but it can also connect us.

Dor Skuler, a founder I met recently, thinks that age makes a difference. “While the surgeon general warns technology is a contributing factor for teen loneliness, the report and our data shows the opposite holds true for older adults,” he said.

Skuler is referring to the insights gathered by his company, Intuition Robotics. He has a horse in the race: Its flagship product is ElliQ, an AI companion aiming to achieve “healthier, happier aging.” But he also has data: After years in beta testing, ElliQ is being distributed to American seniors through several state aging agencies.

Can AI make older adults feel less lonely? by Anna Heim originally published on TechCrunch