A Magic the Gathering card company, a green propulsion company, and a major eyewear company bought domain names.

It’s the second week of Sedo’s summer vacation from reporting domain sales. This week, I went back to the reports from the last two weeks of May to see if I could discover any additional end user sales. I found 18, including one that makes me want to buy a stand-up paddleboard.

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Nipuna.com $10,500 – Nipuna builds supply chain management software.

ProxyKing .com $9,999 – This is an interesting one. Proxy King produces Magic the Gathering “proxy cards.” It suggests you can use the cards as stand-ins for your actual cards that are worth a lot of money. Or, it seems you might use them to trick people into thinking they are real. I can’t wait for the attorneys to get on this one.

Bonafi.com $9,600 – Bonafi Limited performs customer and supplier verifications for the pharmacy industry. It forwards this domain to the matching .ie domain.

UltherapyPrime.com $9,500 – Merz Pharma GmbH is an aesthetic medicine company. The domain is not in use yet.

TravelToplist.com €6,999 – Travel Toplist is a travel site.

DCE.io $6,999 – DCE bills itself as “The first decentralized AI computing exchange in the world.”

MindReset.com $5,800 – This is a nice domain that looks like it will be used by an entrepreneur coach.

GreenJets.com $5,500- Green Jets produces propulsion units with the goal of supporting green aviation.

BringTheEnergy.com $4,899 – San Diego Gas & Energy uses this domain to promote its Bring the Energy marketing campaign.

NuanceAudio.com $4,299 – Nuance Audio is a new brand by eyewear company EssilorLuxottica.

e-Sup.com €3,300 – SipaBoards sells an electric stand-up paddleboard.

StayWild.com €2,995 – Stay Wild bills itself as “A Social Enterprise created to preserve wild life.”

Brain1.com $2,800 – I’m not sure what to think of Brain1, a soccer training business that promises to improve your cognitive skills…while misspelling cognitive in the main headline.

Gifts.nl €2,500 – Gifts.nl will be a promotional gifts business.

TruthClub.com $2,500 – This domain forwards to a playlist on Spotify called TruthClub.

GetGather.com $2,500 – Gather gives you a “personal A.I. sidekick.”

FastFoodSecrets.com $2,500 – Fast Food Secrets Club is a newsletter promoting fast food restaurant deals and news.

AlliConnect.com €2,000 – Ali Connect helps employees find mental health care.

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