A pool heat pump manufacturer, a local German government, and a sports betting site bought domain names.

Swiper — no swiping! Swiper.com was Sedo’s top public sale this past week, ringing the register for $150,000. It’s unclear who bought it yet, which is also the case with runner-up sale BNFT.com for $48,000.

But end user buyers flocked to Sedo this past week to acquire domain names.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales from this week. You can view previous lists like this here.

WTM.de €11,888 – This domain forwards to landkreis-wittmund.de, which appears to be a government site for the district of Wittmund in the northwestern part of Lower Saxony, Germany.

ExploreTheWorld.com €10,000 – Whois lists the buyer as the CEO of Declare Brands, a franchisor in the signs business. If I found the right guy, he’s also an adventure traveler and mountain climber, so this domain could be for chronicling his adventures.

Fairland.fr $7,860 – Fairland manufactures inverter pool heat pumps.

SFDPH.net $4,999 – This domain’s nameservers are sfdph.org, and both this domain and the .org forward to the San Francisco Department of Public Health website. I’m puzzled by this purchase; the matching .com is available for only $1,988.

1st.us $4,600 – Ardent MC is a custom technology developer. I’m not sure why it bought this domain, but it might have been for a client.

EnergieBedarf.de €3,000 – Hmm. The buyer is forwarding this domain, which is German for “energy demand”, to the website of Halm, a seller of glass straws.

WantToTrip.com $3,000 – The buyer is setting up a Shopify store.

Terateq.com $3,000 – How much can you tell about a buyer from the logo? That’s all we have to work with here. I’d say their logo shows power, perhaps in manufacturing or automotive.

FinalSport .com $2,200 – The buyer is forwarding this domain to SportScore .io, a site offering sports scores and betting information.

Zukunft-Holz.de €2,500 – This domain, which means “future wood” in German, forwards to the website of DeSH, a German sawmill and timber industry association.

Flex.house $2,000 – The buyer has uploaded a logo and nothing else. I’ll be curious to learn what they are developing.

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